A Simple Routine: Moisture Cycle.

A Simple Routine: Moisture Cycle.

A Moisturising Cycle: your hair has a moisturising cycle meaning there is a set time when your hair needs to be moisturised. Generally speaking most people don’t know what their cycle is or they ignore it. This cycle will be different for everyone, but we hope this will help you to determine what your cycle is.

Our hair is made up of protein called keratin, this protein is fibrous protein, made up of polypeptide, these fibers twine together like a thread and that is what our hair is like. So, lets think of our hair in three stages: protein, moisture, and lipids (fats).

When it comes to moisturisation, it’s not just about moisturising our hair, but it also concerns how long our hair holds that moisture. This depends on your hair’s porosity; with low porosity hair the cuticle lays flat so it’s difficult for moisture to penetrate, while in high porosity hair the cuticle is open so it cannot hold moisture in.

To find your moisture cycle will take time, as you need to observe your hair. Wash day is when your hair reaches its’ peak of hydration and moisturisation. So if you had your wash day on a Sunday, in general terms you would likely need to re-moisturise on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Or with some others it maybe the next day.

To tell if you hair needs to be moisturised, it will feel dry to the touch, stiff and brittle, and the hair may start breaking.

So, for example, you complete your wash day and your hair is nice, soft, bouncy, hydrated! Your expectation is for your hair to remain in that state until the next wash day. This is very unlikely!

As stated before, the cycle will depend on your porosity and the products used. Always check the ingredients, look for the first five ingredients to have water, aloe vera juice, hydrosols, herbal extracts or glycerin, then your butters and oils.

Once you have determined your cycle always moisturise on schedule before your hair is devoid of moisture. Dried out!

TIP: Moisture is water or other liquids that diffuse into the hair shaft. To keep that moisture from evaporating from the hair, seal with a butter or oil.

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