Tackling Dry Hair in the Winter.

Tackling Dry Hair in the Winter.

In colder months your hair dries out more quickly. So it’s usually best to change up your routine. Consider trying some of these: use a moisturising shampoo; deep condition more; use a strengthening mask, a moisture/protein balance mask, a tea rinse as your final rinse before leave in conditioner; hot oil treatments.

To stop your hair from looking dull, treat your tresses to a deep moisturising mask at least once a week.

Moisturise your hair and scalp with hair oil. If you suffer from dandruff due to a dry, flaky scalp during the winter months, apply a heavier oil for your hot oil treatments. Note use oils that do not block the pores. See our ingredients insight page for ideas.

Use heavier oils and butters for sealing.

Wash hair less often. For example, if you wash once a week try bi weekly during the winter.

Make sure your hair is dry before going outside.

Cut down on heat styling.

Try a low manipulation hair style to keep your ends tucked away.

Please take note: Also check the health of your hair before trying any new treatment.


Hopefully these tips will help you maintain beautiful healthy hair during the colder months

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