We believe everyone deserves beautiful healthy hair.

During the pandemic we, like so many others, were unable to obtain our usual hair products and products we could find weren’t giving us the results we wanted. This forced us to adapt and try to find different ways to take care of our daily personal haircare. Just like most we turned to our kitchen cupboards and local grocery stores for beauty supplies. During this time we researched the herbs and oils found in our cupboards, which lead us to discover the power of raw natural ingredients.

After years of research, experiments, and trials, in 2021 we started Choice Confidence with the simple goal of giving you great hair care. We have stopped at nothing to create the most original, pure, and effective formulas for healthy hair.

We’ve sourced our ingredients from all regions of the world to give you the highest quality. Our materials are ethically sourced, raw organic, herbs, butters, oils, and actives. We pack our products with natural ingredients and we do not bulk our products with synthetic materials.

Our aim is enhancing the power of herbs to help you maintain healthy hair effortlessly, so as to make your wash day simple.

We want you to love your hair regardless of texture or type, we want your daily styling and hair care routine to be simple, effortless, and guilt-free.

We want you to Be Choice Confidence.

We’ve carefully crafted our products with powerful ingredients and botanicals to support your hair with essential nutrients for the ultimate results in health, growth, and vitality.